Friday, January 20, 2012

Fiesta Friday {Candy Party!}

So... is it embarrassing that I've already started planning my 7-month-old's first birthday?
I've tried to hold out.
Especially since I'm positive I'll be up until 3am the night before the party hot gluing crafts & frosting cupcakes, no matter how early I start planning.
There are just so many fun party ideas!
Right now I'm really thinking a candy bar.
How cute is this!?!

And this one with the striped background and the banners!
I'm in love :)

My husband gets confused every time I talk about it.
It makes no sense to him to have a huge party with tons of candy for a baby... who doesn't care about any of it and can't even eat candy.
He's right I know.
But I doubt it would be as fun to throw myself a candy themed 27th birthday party ya know?

I never actually get the cute invites sent out...
But since I'm planning 5 months ahead on this one, maybe I'll do these :)

And these I'll be making, party or not.
I even found some cute $1 supplies on my kick butt Goodwill trip this week.
I feel a DIY post coming on. Stay tuned!

Anyone else dreaming of summer parties?


  1. Cute Ideas here for the party I especially love the Scrabble letters. My little guy will be turning 2 in Feb I better get busy! :)

  2. Love those ideas! Everything is so fun, bright, and creative. You can't go wrong with a candy bar.

  3. those candy bar ideas are brilliant!! i love our at our wedding, but you can have one for any fun occasion!

  4. some awesome ideas! I love the candy jars!

  5. How wonderful post on a candy party! Thanks for sharing post! Anyways, my friend is throwing a party in next week. I suggested him to book best party Venues in NYC for that. If you guys have suggestions for any other venues then please suggest!



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