Saturday, September 7, 2013


Someday when I'm struggling with whatever life decides to toss at me, and I'm looking for a happy place to escape the chaos of reality, I hope I remember tonight. 

Tonight when Lily is still an only child and she exudes joy the way only 2-year-old really can. 

Tonight when she realized her capability to escape the confines of her baby crib and both scare the pee out of us and induce a serious case of the giggles by showing up at our bedroom door quite unexpected.

Tonight when she just kept talking me into "more snuggles mama" and "one more song" and "mamadaddiesbed?". Because bedtime was an hour ago but I can't seem to tell her no when she's reciting ee-i-ee-i-o and bah bah sheepy... And when she teams up with daddy to call me "beaulliful mama"? I'm basically at her beck and call.

I hope I remember tonight when I fell asleep in my Hunter's strong arms after giggling uncontrollably about stupid YouTube vids. How safe and content and  sure I feel lying here with him. 

Because if I could capture this feeling and keep it around for when I need it, I just know it would save me some heartache and angst in the future. To be loved is a beautiful beautiful thing. And this everyday, ordinary, wonderful love story I've found myself living is as beautiful a thing as I can imagine right now. 

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