Saturday, November 10, 2012

Together in the Kitchen

So I never do Saturday posts BUT this one's really exciting & I couldn't wait :)
I know I've attempted to host link ups before... & let's be honest. I've failed pretty hard.
I guess I didn't really know how to do them?
First you have to be committed to sharing them, which means you have to really be excited about them & believe in what they're all about.
Wellll, I think I've got a jackpot this time!
When I tried doing a recipe link up before it was kind of a flop because I did it with another awesome blogger but most of the recipe linked up ended up being non-vegan & gluten-full.
Which is fine except I had really branded myself as a gluten free/vegan baker.
But I also know that lots of my lovely readers don't have special diet restriction.
Soooooo, I'm happy to introduce you to the best of both worlds :)
I'll be co-hosting a new link up every other week with Amy & Aimee and it's focus is on cooking or baking WITH the ones you love.
I'll still be contributing gluten free & vegan recipes but the other girls will have regular versions (sometimes of the same recipe even).
So everybody wins!
Plus it's a great excuse to get your husband, kids, friends, boyfriend, family, whoever, in the kitchen with you.
I'm excited! So spread the word & get your recipe posts ready because next Friday is the first link up!

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